Patch 0.1.1 (Major Update!)

ℹ️About Patch v0.1.1

Patch v0.1.1 beta is available for everyone now! It contains many bugfixes and improvements. Thanks you for reporting some of the bugs, it's been very helpfull for finding all the nasty little bugs and fixing them!

❓How to update my game?

Its easy - just redownload the game and execute the installer-file by following the steps under the 'How to download?' section of the game-page (like you did when downloading the game for the first time) to jump into all the new madness!

🔥New features

- Added 5 new types of platforms to Floating Roads (with each having different features)
- Added a chat into the game with permission levels, commands and filters (testing for multiplayer use)
- Added challenges and virtual currency called "Pointos"
(obtained challenges and currency will be reset after the beta)
- Added statistics
- Singleplayer mode is now also called "Freeplay"
- Added following GAME-LEAGUES: "TDG Industries", "Maman Series" and "Creme de la creme" into freeplay-mode (can be unlocked by completing achievements)

🤖Bugfixes & Improvements

- Slowed down the duration of texts showing controls, etc. in the tutorial level being displayed to the user
- Fixed elimination-screen on Floating Roads always showing highscore-label, even when no highscore has been achieved
- Fixed highscore-label on Floating Roads showing wrong background image when active
- Fixed intro and start-screen showing again after completing tutorial for the first time
- Text on the tutorial-prompt is now correctly translated from english to german
- Button within the pause menu are now showing correct translations for german
- The game now runs and loads in the background
- Fixed a bug where setting the audio-volumes to zero (muting them) would not update the volumes in realtime/ save them incorrectly
- Fixed a bug where navigating the pause-menu in the tutorial level with a keyboard or a controller wasn't possible
- Tooltip-Bindings for searching in the settings (within the search-field) are now displayed correctly
- Tooltip-Bars (at the bottom-right corner of your screen) now show all containing input-bindings as they now can scale to larger sizes
- Walking up stairs on specific platforms in Floating Roads is now smooth
- Trampolines on specific platforms on Floating Roads are now applying force to the player to their accoring rotation angle
- Collision for objects in the tutorial level is now disabled (except with the level bounds), while holding them
- The mouse is now not locked anymore to the screen forever, preventing the player from navigating after completing the tutorial stage
- The installer now creates a shortcut for the game correctly
- Fixed CAPTCHA displaying steps beyond the limit and too low retry options to the user (Reduced verification-steps from 3 to only 2 steps)
- Fixed low-health effects disappearing after getting damage, whilst the low-health effects are running

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