The Update v0.2.0-beta is available for everyone now! It contains features, FEATURES, AND FEATURES! A new locker, 6 new skins with a shop, new achievements, new leagues + maps and SO MUCH MORE!

❓How to update my game?

Its easy - just redownload the game and execute the installer-file by following the steps under the 'How to download?' section of the game-page (like you did when downloading the game for the first time) to jump into all the new madness!

🔥New features

- Local and ONLINE MULTIPLAYER is now available for the map 'Floating Roads'!
- NEW MAP 'Stormy Battle' has been added to the Maman-Series League!
- 'Floating Roads' map now has a multiplayer-compatible lobby within the map with a small guide
- Added new Platform to 'Floating Roads'
- Explosive projectiles on 'Build-A-Castle' don't apply as much force to near physical objects anymore - The leagues 'Maman Series' and 'Creme de la creme' can now be unlocked by completing their respective achievements.
- Introduced 3 new achievements called 'Old town boat', 'From sender to receiver', 'Dream Team' and 'Outstyler',  all being related to the new map, the new multiplayer-mode and the customization aspect.
- Added username system for your character (now also compatible with the chat feature, which was intoduced in the last patch)
- Added skins section, where you can customize your character.
- Added shop with 6 skins to buy with your Pointos with a rarity-system (like the one in fortnite, etc.)
- Added preview of your username to the lobby - The whole UI of the game has been re-vamped and looks more vibrant now!
- Some achievements are now easier to obtain (You may lose progress on some of them)
- Added a guide to the game's UI and features for new players

🤖Bugfixes & Improvements

- Changed the intro splash-screen
- The news-area of the main-menu is now changed accordingly
- Improved graphics and performance on 'Floating Roads'
- Fixed trampolines not working accordingly
- Fixed spelling errors on splash-texts and loading tooltips

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