Biggest update + MULTIPLAYER soon!

We're happy to announce the upcoming MAJOR UPDATE!

Since the last update/devlog we worked hard to get this thing up and running with multiplayer and many more fetaures! Just to spoiler a bit, the next update will contain SKIN CUSTOMIZATION, a brand new SHOP, a new MAP, MULTIPLAYER MADNESS and there's even more to look out for! Please support us by just sharing the game to your friends or just recommending it, that alone helps so much! We'll inform you here again when we're about to launch the update, it might take about a month until we release it.

When MULTIPLAYER launches, you'll able to compete against your friends in the map 'Floating Roads' (other maps + the new one will be added later). You'll also get a new set of achievements regarding to the new online stuff. The achievements will also now give you much more rewards, you'll need them for the skins! (That'll unfortionally mean that the achievement will get reset, but you'll still maintain your Pointos). The Multiplayer won't come with online servers straight up. That means, you'll need to port forward a server on your network and invite your friends that way, you'll be able to find a tutorial on that ingame until we setup the servers - they're currently too laze to work!

Hope to see you in the next Update with all that multiplayer-madness waiting for you, mate!

- Debug again ;D

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