💥Online Multiplayer has launched! - 0.3.0b 💥

Finally, the long-awaited online multiplayer mode has launched in 0.3.0 beta! You can now team-up with 4 players together in short and chaotic online battle-royale rounds, where the last one standing is pumped with some juicy POINTOS! Additionally, there's a new achievement as well as many improvements/adjustments and bug-fixes!

ℹ️ WHAT'S NEW? ℹ️

  • Added online multiplayer for "Floating Roads Map" - host a server and share the code around to jump into the madness!
  • Added a new achievement, only obtainable through playing the online multiplayer
  • Updated lighting for the tutorial-stage as well as "Floating Roads"
  • All decoration objects in "Floating Roads" support now full collision

ℹ️ Improvements/ Fixes ℹ️

  • Fixed where the speed of the player was frame-rate dependent, mostly resulting in too fast movement
  • Improved player animation while falling or being in air
  • Fixed treasure getting too large after the platform starts to shrin in "Build-A-Castle"
  • Fixed dynamites applying too few force to surrounding physics-objetcs in "Build-A-Castle"
  • Fixed player bein able to jump too high after spamming the "jump"-key while running on slopes
  • Platforms in "Floating Roads" now spawn in specific intervalls after the game begins
  • Fixed void without any platforms in "Floating Roads", making the game impossible to play flowlessly
  • Improved performance greatly on interfaces, as data is now cached while loading (it's when the small freeze happens)
  • Fixed loading-symbol obeing too large in change-binding-popups
  • Fixed menu-item selection errors when opening the options menu
  • Fixed ship being stuck when force-field activated in "Stormy Battle"
  • Fixed projectiles colliding with the team's own force-field in "Stormy Battle"
  • Fixed shader conflicts in "Floating Roads", where the liquid would get invisible where it overlapped with the particles
  • Fixed tooltip-text in the tutorial stage showing totally wrong string
  • Fixed hovering over menu-items would not select them
  • Fixed spelling errors and missing/ uncorrectfull stranslations
  • Fixed re-bound Binding for the "Interact"-Action not being applied to ingame scenarios, where interact would still prompt the default binding

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