Improvements - Patch 0.9.9

What changed in Patch 0.9.9?

Patch 0.9.9 is here with some very cool improvements for users who want to download the game! We changed the way the game is downloaded, you have to do less, all the rest is done by the new file included in the downloads. Also, some bug fixes improved gameplay as well as other features inside the game. The actual release 1.0.0 is almost ready to push, but there are still some thing we want to fix before launching the game's final release!

So what's new now?

- After download, user just has to enter %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\ into window's commandline to start playing
- A desktop shortcut is automatically created for the game after download - Introduced redeem-system for ingame currencies
- Story mode and "Team"-Pass are on their way..!
- A new logo

Bug fixes and other improvements:

- Fixed character moving on its own and behaving extremely weird, after beeing hit by some obstacles, making the game impossible to play
- Fixed not getting respawned/ or respawn-process taking too long in Level 1 & 3
- Fixed skip-function in the tutorial level not working always flawlessly
- Fixed LOD problems in Level 3 (fix of LOD problems of grass in Level 2 is on its way..)
- Fixed unable to play on the browser (mainly affects newgrounds-page of the game) because of low amount of delivered RAM amount
- Fixed diverse crashes and micro-freezes in the "settings"-tab

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Jun 06, 2022
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Jun 06, 2022

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